Wanted: Speakers for Sessions

We ask potential [psconf.eu](/psconfeu/psconf.eu-2020/about) delegates to submit their dream sessions and invite potential speakers to get inspiration and adopt topics. All submitted sessions can b...

To make psconf.eu 2020 (June 2-5 in Hannover, Germany) Your Conference, we let delegates participate in agenda-building very early on. Below are the submissions we have received so far. If your topic is missing, please go ahead and add it!


PowerShell Architecture

Session explains the integral parts of the PowerShell architecture, how they are connected, and what we can do with them. To name a few: Host, Thread, RunspacePools, Runspace, Jobs and the Objectflow Pipeline. Session also explains how they differ while Remoting. A few words about Scoping is also interesting here, plus some nice tricks in Control of these Parts

Daily PowerShell Use

Session showing code examples how daily admins tasks (like check infrastructure health or create a demo lab) can be realized or optimized.

Parallel Processing

  • Parallel Processing Options in PowerShell - A deep dive: With the session “Parallel Processing Options in PowerShell - An overview” we got an overview about parallelism in PowerShell. Now we want to dive deeper. - How to create thread safe code and what to avoid - Passing data to and from the parallel tasks - Using variables and sharing data - Synchronizing the tasks - Logging and debugging
  • Parallel Processing Options in PowerShell - An overview: With PowerShell 7 we get the -parallel switch for the Foreach-Object statement. So currently there are a number of built in features in PowerShell to run script tasks in parallel. There are also some modules in the gallery to help in run script tasks simultaneously. This session gives an overview about the options we have to run tasks in parallel. It also shows the benefits and the limits of every solution.

PowerShell Modules

  • Compiling/Building an advanced PowerShell module: What are the current popular solutions for building/compiling an advanced module (Invoke-Build, Psake,etc..) What are the differences between them? May be looking at most used ones in details in different sessions if one won’t be enough to cover them?

Generic Collections, Lists and all things sorted

  • Overview over the not so common data collection type like generic lists, sorted lists … How to use them with objects instead of simple types (like string or int). How do those iSort, iCompare, etc. .Net things work. Binary search in sorted collections, eventually sorted object collections

PowerShell 7 State of the Art

  • Quick overview what can and what cannot be done with PowerShell 7 in comparison to Windows PowerShell, and best practices. How do you use PowerShell 7: side-by-side, as a replacement to WPS, as an agent on non-Windows platforms?

Ultimate Guide to PowerShell Remoting

  • Show in practical and easy steps all options for Remoting. What is required to remote from WPS to PS? What are the limitations of Remoting via SSH? What are the fundamental configuration tasks to get machines up and running with remoting?


Why Is DSC Not Dead?

At Microsoft, PowerShell is now a part of the Azure group. PowerShell’s main purpose is to get customers into Azure and keep them in Azure forever. On-prem DSC has been allowed to wither on the vine while portions of DSC morphed into Azure Guest Policy. In this talk, I will explain why on-prem DSC is not totally dead, why it has a good probability of survival three years from now, and why on-prem people should still consider DSC instead of Ansible, Puppet or Chef for non-trivial projects.


Access Permissions

  • Access permissions with PowerShell: Lean how to read, save and write access permissions to files and folders with PowerShell.

PowerShell toolbelt as an attacker

  • Talking about powershell empire, psattack, using wmi and obfuscation. Red team focus on how attackers can use powershell and other living of the land methods

PowerShell Security Wrap-Up

  • What are the essential settings to secure PowerShell, and what are their implications? For example, when Remoting is enabled and then disabled, not everything is set back to what it was initially, so what are the risks here? How about keeping a PS Version 2 around? Should Scriptblock Logging be enabled, and if so, how can its content be protected?

Software Restriction and PowerShell

  • How can PowerShell scripts be managed in a corporate environment? What are limitations that occur when restricted runspaces are used, or other ways engaged that limit execution of PowerShell scripts? When I walk out of this session, I want to know my options to restrict execution of PowerShell code, and what the price is that I need to pay for it.

Cloud & Azure

Azure Automation for Beginners

  • What is Azure Automation? What are Azure Functions? Why? When to use what? Prerequisites, typical scenarios, bypassing (?) MFA with automation scripts? HowTo start with this stuff. What is to gain for the user/onprem centric, non-dev administrator when using it?

DevOps & DSC

Powershell the master of puppet

  • How to verify node status, publish apps, make configurations and generate reports for ops and management in puppet (free)