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Running Functions Remotely
May 13, 2020: Here's a quick way to execute a PowerShell function remotely on one or more computers.
Wake On LAN
Apr 29, 2020: To wake computers from standby over the network, there is no need for external WakeOnLAN tools. Just tell PowerShell how to wake-up computers!
Using Assertions
Apr 23, 2020: Code often needs to assert certain things, i.e. make sure that a folder really exists. Reusable assertions can produce much cleaner code.
Reading and Writing Excel Files
Apr 23, 2020: Excel files are a popular data source. With the help of the free module ImportExcel, PowerShell supports reading and writing .xlsx files.
Discarding Output
Apr 22, 2020: If you'd like to discard unwanted output from commands, understanding and managing output streams is key. And if all else fails, you can always temporarily disable Out-Default.
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PowerShell Conference EU was cancelled due to Corona this year and is postponed to June 1, 2021, taking place again in Hannover, Germany.

We are currently working on a free virtual replacement event for this year, kicking off June 2, 2020: read more.


New Project: WMI Reference

We just opened our new WMI reference section designed to help you get the most out of WMI. If you have useful WMI code snippets for any WMI class, it would be awesome if you navigated to the class in the reference section and leave a comment on that page with your suggestions and examples.

Individual PowerShell Trainings

If you’d like to infuse some PowerShell knowledge into your team, why not organize an Inhouse Training? I’ll gladly come over and do basic trainings just as happily as advanced PowerShell guru meditations. Learn more about inhouse classes: they are available in English and German.

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