Virtual Mini Conference

Join our virtual Mini Conference June 2+3, 2020, 5pm CEST! Below are the details. Our prerecorded sessions are live already.

Free Virtual Mini Conference

We kick this off June 2, 2020 at 5pm CEST, and you can watch it here:

If you do not see sliding images and hear music ten minutes prior to launch, then please clear your browser cache, or open this page in an incognito browser window. Apparently, on some systems the still image is cached a bit too long.

We sent all speakers a private invite link so you can join the panels and be “on stage”. If you haven’t received the link by now, please contact us.

Our 25+ conference sessions are live already, and you can start watching them immediately: Please do so now and in the next days:

Topic Watch Videos (we turned them into collections)
PowerShell 7 & beyond
PowerShell Deep Shit
Pester, VSCode, PSScriptAnalyzer
Cloud, Azure, or DSC

Our live sessions that we broadcast on this page June 2+3 are addressing your questions that you may have after watching the videos (which coincidentally is why we ask you to watch them before the live sessions).

But don’t worry. You can watch them later, too. In our live panels, feel free to ask any PowerShell-related question that comes to your mind. Please do ask questions to get things rolling - we’re hoping for your input!

To submit your question (anything PowerShell-related that is on your mind), please use our form. To ask questions in real-time during a live session, use our Q&A widget:

Asking Questions in Real-Time

You do not need to have a Vimeo account nor do you need to log in. Simply choose the option to Chat as a Guest.

Real-time questions are available only when live sessions are in progress.

You might want to open the live Q&A widget in a separate window. We’ll also monitor twitter, please use hashtag #psconfeu.

Submitting Questions Offline

Feel free to submit as many PowerShell questions as you like via any time!

We collect your questions and make sure they get addressed in the live panels. You can relax, lean back and watch the live sessions - knowing that your questions are already in the pipeline and will be asked on your behalf.


There’s one single track. Below is our schedule.

Starting times of global events can be confusing. All times below are CEST (Central European Summer Time). Just click on any time below to automatically convert it to your local time, and you’ll never miss any session.

June 2, 2020

Date & Time Topic Moderator See Also
5:00pm CEST Conference Opening Tobias  
5:30pm CEST Keynote with Jeffrey Snover & Joey Aiello Tobias  
6:45pm CEST Keynote Q&A    
7:00pm CEST PowerShell Security Aleksandar view
8:00pm CEST Pester & PowerShell Script Analyzer Rob view
9:00pm CEST PowerShell Remoting Aleksandar  

June 3, 2020

Date & Time Topic Moderator See Also
5:00pm CEST PowerShell 7, PowerShellGet, General PowerShell Chat Rob view
6:00pm CEST Cloud and DSC (Desired State Configuration) Aleksandar view
7:00pm CEST PowerShell Deep Shit Tobias view
8:00pm CEST PowerShell GUIs and IoT Rob view

PowerShell Time Converter

If you’d like to use PowerShell to convert times from our timezone to your timezone, you can use this:

# ask for the session start time, i.e.: 6:45pm

#region formatting preferences
# you can adjust these things to adopt the code to other use cases:
$culture = 'en-us'
$format  = 'h:mm:ss tt'
$cultureInfo = [System.Globalization.CultureInfo]::CreateSpecificCulture($culture)
#endregion formatting preferences

#region conversion details
# timezone to convert from:
[System.TimeZoneInfo]$fromTimeZone = Get-TimeZone -Name 'W. Europe Standard Time'
# timezone to convert to:
[System.TimeZoneInfo]$toTimeZone = Get-TimeZone
#endregion conversion details

#region perform conversion
$localTime = [System.TimeZoneInfo]::ConvertTimeBySystemTimeZoneId($time, $fromTimeZone.Id, $ToTimeZone.Id).ToString($format, $cultureInfo)
#endregion perform conversion

# output result
"Make sure you enter the session by $localTime!"

Quick Notes

Please help us spread the word by twitter and other channels. Simply point people to!

  • Please keep in mind that we all (speakers & organizers) run this event as volunteers. We are no video or virtual conference experts, and we have a life, partners, kids, and a job.
  • There can be things going wrong, and in fact, with slightly adapted words of the titanic engineer: It’s not a question whether things go wrong but rather when. So let’s all together enjoy the best of this, and learn.
  • Our main focus is solid technology, so the first (and most important) part of this event is almost fail-safe: our sessions are recorded and available via a video platform for download and viewing. They will stay available, just like all the other sessions from previous years:
  • The live part on June 2+3 is a great way for you and us to connect, ask questions, have fun, and talk. See video feed and Q&A widget above to view the live stream and interact and ask live questions.

Thank You!

This virtual event was made possible by:

  • Our sponsors Microsoft, SystemFrontier, ScriptRunner and PowerShellOne decided to stick with the event this year and support the free virtual event.
  • Our speakers who agreed to record part of their original sessions for you.
  • Our core volunteers team consisting of Rob Sewell, Aleksandar Nikolic, and myself.
  • Our trusted video processor iStream who is supporting us and the entire event industry in these unusual times with advice and services.

If you’ve never been at, the best way to get a feeling for the welcoming spirit is a video from the last conference:

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