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Using PropertySets
Mar 28, 2020: With PropertySets, you control the visible default properties of your PowerShell functions. Learn how PowerShell makes sure users aren't overwhelmed with information.
Installed Software
Mar 27, 2020: Retrieve information about installed software and find out versions, uninstall strings, and more.
Validate Anything
Mar 27, 2020: Typecasts can be used to easily validate complex input such as IP addresses or dates. You may want to compliment this with simple pattern checks.
Testing Hacked Passwords
Mar 27, 2020: Secure passwords must be guaranteed to not be exposed to hackers and dictionary attacks. With a webservice, you can test any password safely for compromises.
Converting SecureStrings
Mar 27, 2020: SecureStrings can be converted to plain text. This can be useful to prompt with masked input boxes.
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PowerShell Conference EU opens June 2, 2020, in Hannover, Germany. 4 days, 3 parallel tracks, 80 sessions, 40 speakers, one great bunch of people including PowerShell inventor Jeffrey Snover, the PS team with Steve Lee, the AWS team, and many more. Don't miss it, and get your seat now!


New Project: WMI Reference

We just opened our new WMI reference section designed to help you get the most out of WMI. If you have useful WMI code snippets for any WMI class, it would be awesome if you navigated to the class in the reference section and leave a comment on that page with your suggestions and examples.

Individual PowerShell Trainings

If you’d like to infuse some PowerShell knowledge into your team, why not organize an Inhouse Training? I’ll gladly come over and do basic trainings just as happily as advanced PowerShell guru meditations. Learn more about inhouse classes: they are available in English and German.

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