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Watch our sessions related to PowerShell 7, PowerShellGet, future paths, and general guidance, and meet us in our live Q&A!

We are proud to present to you this years’ psconf.eu sessions related to PowerShell 7, future paths, guidance to PowerShell, and anything related. For other topics, please see the other pages on powershell.one.

We also invite you to participate in our live Q&A targeting these topics. It is taking place June 3, 2020 at 5pm CEST, and you’ll have a chance to meet the speakers, other security experts, and ask any question you may have.

Please note that psconf.eu organizer and speakers are volunteers. While we are passionately committed to provide an awesome experience for you, we cannot guarantee that things will always go according to plan. There is especially no guarantee that every speaker who delivered free content below can in fact join the Q&A.

PowerShell 7.1: A Next Gen Shell

by Steve Lee & Jason Helmick from the PowerShell team.

Modern shells should help you be successful as soon as you start typing. Tab completion and IntelliSense are just the beginning.

In this session, Steve Lee and Jason Helmick discuss some of the new shell improvements in 7.0 and the exciting plans we have in store for making 7.1 the most productive shell ever!

Join us to discuss the future of the shell.

PowerShellGet 3.0

by Sydney Smith from the PowerShell team.

The PowerShell team has done a complete re-architecture of the PowerShellGet module.

We will explain what changes this will mean for your user experience, and demo some of the latest features.

The Seven Deadly Sins of PowerShell

by Friedrich Weinmann

Father forgive me, for I have sinned. Life is a sinful thing, and we all commit the odd bad deed in our lives.

But there are a few unforgivable sins out there. Foul deeds that no penance can excuse. You know what I am talking about: The Seven Deadly Sins … of PowerShell!

Introducing the greatest sins you can commit in PowerShell, WHY they are bad, why people commit them and good ways to meet the same ends without loading up immense technical debt.

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