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Watch our sessions related to Pester and PowerShell ScriptAnalyzer, and meet us in our live Q&A!

We are proud to present to you this years’ sessions related to Pester and PowerShell ScriptAnalyzer. And of course we are happy to see that Pester-inventor Jakub is delivering a talk - there can’t be a more authoritative coverage, and you can ask him all your questions in our live panel.

We invite you to participate in our live Q&A targeting Pester and ScriptAnalyzer. It is taking place June 2, 2020 at 8pm CEST, and you’ll have a chance to meet the speakers, other PowerShell experts, and ask any question you may have.

Please note that organizer and speakers are volunteers. While we are passionately committed to provide an awesome experience for you, we cannot guarantee that things will always go according to plan. There is especially no guarantee that every speaker who delivered free content below can in fact join the Q&A.

Building PowerShell, its VS-Code extension and debugging it

by Christoph Bergmeister

We all use PowerShell, it’s VS-Code extension or PSScriptAnalyzer in some way or another. Sometimes we’d like to either add a feature or have a customized version of it for some reason or need to debug a bug in those tools.

I will show how to build and debug those tools. Furthermore I will show features that I have made in various areas to the tools in the past and demo some small examples.

What’s new in Pester v5?

by Jakub Jareš from Finnland

Pester 5 brings multiple new features, many fixes and also some significant breaking changes.

In this talk I will demo the most significant improvements to the framework, point out differences from version 4 and give a quick guide to migrating to the new framework version.

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