Class Types

While our inhouse trainings are always individual, we have a number of sample packages that you can start with. We’ll gladly compose a perfect individual training for you - with you.PowerShell Esse...

While our inhouse trainings are always individual, we have a number of sample packages that you can start with. We’ll gladly compose a perfect individual training for you - with you.

PowerShell Essentials (2-Day)

This is our popular PowerShell boot camp for all IT staff, even those that only occasionally run a PowerShell one-liner. The goal is to provide trainees with a base-line understanding of the capabilities and risks associated with PowerShell, and to enable them to do the next steps with PowerShell.

After looking at the PowerShell architecture, discussing prerequisites and risk patterns, we’ll look at essentials such as (but not limited to):

  • Ease your Work: Finding Commands and Adding Modules
  • Solid Understanding: Parameters, Help, Understanding Errors
  • Easy Customization: Using Pipeline Commands
  • Mastering Remoting: Securely accessing remote systems

This is complemented with hundreds of practical examples including daily routine tasks such as automating reporting and excel files, configuring machines, Active Directory, etc. The actual topics covered here are determined by you.

PowerShell Essentials (4-Day)

This is one of the most successful training packages, targeting staff that has next to no previous PowerShell exposure yet but wants to change this and infuse the knowledge to go the next step and become a PowerShell automation professional: fully understand 95% of PowerShell language elements and code, and safely adjust even complex code.

On top of the content from the 2-day workshop, we’ll focus on tool making and writing secure and reusable code such as (but not limited to):

  • Creating Custom Commands: Creating functions, designing parameters, implementing pipeline support
  • Reusable Code: Adding functions to PowerShell modules, creating module repositories, sharing and deploying modules within the enterprise, versioning, and team work with git.
  • Debugging and Error Handling: Tracking and identifying issues, handling and logging errors, working with breakpoints locally, remotely, and cross-process
  • Risk Assessment and Performance: Discussing typical risk in code, best practice for code design and performant code
  • Remoting Deep Dive: Fully understanding secure remote access, awareness for attack vectors, remoting endpoints, and JEA (“Just Enough Administration”) techniques.
  • Objects and API: Accessing low-level system functionality through API and .NET Framework, and encapsulating these in PowerShell functions.

PowerShell Advanced Workshops

Both duration and topics of these workshops are defined when we talk, based on your goals and existing knowledge. This can be anything: Pester, designing graphical user interfaces, Active Directory deep dive, multi-threading and creating better performance, you name it.

Guru Talks

If you are (a group of) PowerShell gurus and just want to polish your wisdom fast, we can set up 1-2 day expert talks where we come together and just talk about anything you want to know. This format is question-driven, not agenda-driven. Based on your questions, we present sample code, explain concepts, and bring you up to speed fast.

A popular derivative is VBScript guru talks: if you are an experienced VBScript user and would like to finally make the switch, then we’ll quickly translate VBScript concepts to PowerShell with you, and talk about paradigms that work differently in PowerShell.